Vicki-lee Fredericks, an “applied Artist” as she personally puts it, chose to add value to her industry as a Creative Director by stepping outside of the mold that confines  sooooo many of her fellow colour filled minds.

Born an artist, it’s not that she didn’t do well in multiple other avenues, she only claimed what she was born to do after visiting many alternative routes. ANYTHING BUT ART – ANYTHING – no one can be the next Picasso, there will never be another Da Vinci…  all too familiar nostalgic visits from her echoing self.  

Perhaps indulging in your love for animals (proud I qualified to enter the veterinary program at TUKS but can I study for more than 6 years?), ok, then let’s try study Greek ; go to one of the birthplaces of art and its culture rich history ; live in a holiday forever?  (yes ok, let’s not even revisit this chapter), right; then I’ll try Interior Architecture, surely this is similar to art but requires a bit more of that grey matter to be put to the test ?!  (wow, loving the independent life Im building for myself with the earnings Im making by dancing for the theatre but, perhaps studying Architecture as a “side-line” is not gonna allow me an achievement or that degree Im praying will help push me toward being “educated” – Ill have to prioritize here)…. ok STOP … finish your group fitness/ basic science qualifications you’ve been completing on the side, enjoy the modelling campaigns that the dancing/ theatre carved out for you and stop obsessing over your “calling”……

Life in general is turning back time – geniuses are being born and claiming their titles before they hit puberty, mindless consumer driven ambitions is pushing the youth to mature before they complete school, people are excelling at tasks and retiring from them before they hit the age of 30.  So much pressure that we put on ourselves and before we know, we’ve quite literally shuffled past what was meant to be our exit. This was ALMOST the void that grabbed hold and starting chipping away at my sense of self worth. 

I had been blessed though – blessed with ample doors and whilst wasting all my fathers money (and later on my husband’s which was used to pay off student loans), I had started consulting on large scale events, coordinating and organizing as I started stepping off the stage I once called home. The experience this gave a young twenty year old something would prove to be invaluable as I managed to secure the title of youngest Creative Director in a very well known JHB based communications firm. This lead to the unfolding of a glorious career as my portfolio came into bigger demand and my skills sought after by various corporate companies. Trying my hand at my own agency proved to be a hill worth climbing but starting a family a surprisingly unplanned bigger passion… I had finally managed to channel the artist within me toward an industry that would both challenge my intellect and my creativity. I could not stop consulting as the loyal clients just would not go away and new ones kept knocking…. Enriching my evolving field of expertise, furthering my knowledge and studies in fine arts at UNISA, I continued to expand my horizons with short courses in draughting, graphic design as well as marketing and strategic communications. I was finally there and I was enough, with the praise of an overindulgent father, committed loved ones, the chaos in my children’s eyes and the reigns that my soulmate casts (actually more like a net that encapsulates our marriage) all now became my brushes, my paint and the only stage I’ll ever need to receive applause from. 


I now apply the artist within me to EVERYTHING I do!